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Festival 2008


The festival will open on October 4th with the preview of The Mourning Forest, a feature film by Japansee Naomi Kawase that won the Grand Prix at last year's Cannes film festival.

October 5 will be characterized by feature films and documentaries about the distressing situation in Burma. This will be accompanied by a number of public debates. In addition, it will see the premier of movies by Matthieu Ricard (known from, among others, the book ‘The monk and the philosopher') and Sogyal Rinpoche (one of the most leading international Tibetan-Buddhist teachers and writer of the bestseller ‘The Tibetan book of living and dying').

On October 5 there will be a special evening for young people, which is made possible by Bodhitv, the internet platform on spirituality and Buddhism by and for young people. It will be a festive evening with film, music and lectures.

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